Fire Station #8

1551 Bonforte


Pueblo Fire Station 8

Station #8

Fire station #8 serves Belmont from its location on Bonforte Blvd. It is adjacent to the Pueblo Fire Department Headquarters. It is the home of engine #8, brush truck #28, and reserve engine #18. It is manned by a Captain, Engineer (driver) and a Emergency Medical Officer.  



Pueblo Engine 8

Engine #8

Engine #8 is a Pierce Dash pumper that holds 500 gallons of water, and can pump 1,250 gallons-per-minute. It carries hose, ladders, basic tools and advanced-life-support medical equipment.



Pueblo Brush 8

Brush 8

Brush truck #8 is a custom made truck based on a Chevrolet chassis. It is a specialized unit designed for fighting wildland (brush) fires. It carries 200 gallons of water, foam, and specialized hand tools for wildland firefighting. It responds any where in the city when needed. The personnel at station #8 operate the brush truck when called upon.

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